above: Kirkham's front/rear uprights, one-piece turkey pan

On the cover of the 11 March 1996 AutoWeek magazine was a photo of David Kirkham, superimposed with 40-pt. type posing the rhetorical question "What's a nice Mormon boy like you doing building Cobras in a MiG plant in Poland?"

With the permission of the publisher, we've provided for you the full text (and most of the articles' photos) from both AutoWeek articles (one introductory sidebar article, one 4-page cover feature). Enjoy!

AutoWeek introductory sidebar article:

"Polish peace dividend:
Former MiG factory now builds Cobra clones"

AutoWeek cover feature article:

"Poles Apart:
Two Mormon brothers and their MiG-building friends take on Carroll Shelby and his Las Vegas chain gang"

Another article appeared in the Wall Street Journal on 28 March 1997, (excerpts):

"The Hot Rod That Came In From The Cold"

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